Welcome! I hope you like this little comic opera, and perhaps feel moved to purchase lots of ancillary merchandise if it ever becomes available. This first installment is not typical of the format; it is intended to be a strip-style comic, but occasionally will pop up in full-page form if I feel the need to expand a bit.

For anyone who’s interested, this particular episode–the introductory one–is a slight reworking of a strip I submitted to syndicates back in The Day. It was originally conceived in newspaper Sunday strip format, thus:

Horizontal format

Note that, true to Sunday newspaper strip design, the top row (or “drop row”) is designed to be omitted without affecting the meaning of the strip. Note also the panel divisions three-quarters of the way along in row one, halfway in row two, and one-quarter of the way in row three. These are to give a features editor the maximum leeway in being able to arrange the panels to fit in a Sunday comics page. And, as it happens, it also gives the hapless web artist the opportunity to reformat it for a vertical orientation without completely redrawing the thing. Handy, no?

I hope you like it here, and that you feel moved to come back and see some more.